Shift of perception
reveals new connection

Full-service advertising agency
with ability to change the perception



There is a belief that in order to change the life for the better, you need to throw away old things. As though, exactly them keep us on the spot inhibiting further growth – a tooth brush left from your ex, old tube TV, chair with broken wheel, pack of school Valentine cards, poster of Britney Spears still with hair… We decided then to say goodbye to our old logo.

Goodbye good friend! Just don't behave like this lamp from  the old IKEA ad, really. We have to move further, it's not you, reason is in us …

We aimed to put in the new logo all our ease, flexibility and versatility. The inspiration came in form of well known amulet – dream catcher. Dreams, intentions, ideas – those are all fruits ripened by our minds. They are interrelated - the idea may come in a dream, our dreams are often about our intentions, someone's idea may become your dream, if idea is really good. But how can we define is it a good idea or not? Good idea is worth to go to sleep with it. And if in the morning idea will look even more beautiful to you, hurry to put it into practice!

We decided not to change the concept of agency radically, just slightly adjusted it's philosophy to better meet our aspirations. We are all the same, just thinking and behaving slightly differently. We lay snares to catch ideas and create dreams for others, we follow the winds of trends and do not allow bad ideas leak outside.


Agency ...

The whole and the part, symmetry of shapes, fractal loops, proportions, golden cut …

Our three teams – creative, media and consulting have acquired their own names and corporate colours, the agency finally have split into three independent companies – hunters creative, hunters media and hunters consulting. Each team is convincingly moving forward – towards the sun, new briefs and the wind that beautifully flutters feathers of our new logo.

And now, with hearty cry we desperately rush back to our work. With inspiration, surging strength and the feeling of freedom.

Hunters group

Hunters Consulting

They are created by team of creatives, passionately in love with their work and fully devoted to it.

Hunters Media

Here problems of marketing are solved, marketing strategies and explosive PR campaigns are crafted.

Hunters Creative

Ideas are born here. They are created by team of creatives, passionately in love with their work and fully devoted to it.


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